We work to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens, so they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security
P.O. Box 14025
Portland, OR  97293

  Contact Information: (2013)
President: Scott Blau, (503)675-7764, scblau@comcast.net
Vice President: Linda DeLucia, (503)267-3951, lrdlu@frontier.com
Secretary: Lenna Hakala, (503)667-8189, flips8189@comcast.net
Treasurer: Jim Gerhardt, (503)880-6623, jagmediator@gmail.com
Member-at-large: Jim Davis, (503)224-1585, davisjasr@aol.com
    Member-at-large: Vacant
Trustee: Gradine Storms, (503)784-8326, grady@gradystorms.com
  Trustee: Ron Rogers, (503)864-2896, roger-aacse@aol.com
Trustee: Jane Netboy
  Newsletter Editor: Val Jack, (503)396-5535, valeriaj@comcast.net
Webmaster: Robert Pearson,   Pearson_r@comcast.net