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Thur. Sept. 11: 10:00 - Noon: Membership meeting
    at labor center: 3645 SE 32nd St - in Basement
    for presentations and discussion about ballot measures on doing away with 2-party elections
    and on Oregon Resident Drivers Card w/o proof of legal US presence.
  Also, SEIU local 49 will describe their efforts to organize Airport workers.

    Additional Info, call Leanna: (503)667-8189
ORARA News & Activities
*** Governor Kitzhaber has appointed Jim Davis, our boardmember-at large, to be a commissioner on the Governorís Senior Services Committee. ***

Support Ballot Measures #91 & #92

  ORARA urges its members to vote "YES" on #91 (Marjiuana usage) because many seniors suffer in pain and have not found a treatment that works for them. Marjiuana provides another avenue for them to explore.

  ORARA urges its members to vote "YES" on #92 (GMO labeling) because we believe that everyone has the right to know what they eat. It is a simple but importsant idea as people become more and more interested in having a healthy diet. We urge a "YES" vote to let local communities label GMO foods if they wish.

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